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It all starts with the will created for the family, to find what relieves, what repairs. Once the solution has been discovered, Les Secrets d'Élo takes off and becomes a brand, an adventure. A story that begins in the family house and which today continues in the artisanal soap factory created to continue this beautiful story. All creations are handmade using carefully selected ingredients  for their qualities and their benefits. Our products are made for those who wish to protect their body from industrial chemistry and endocrine disruptors too present in the care and health industry. We manufacture, we use, we sell all our products with Love ...

Labels & Certifications

Our products are made in Aveyron  from a careful selection of natural ingredients with several labels and certifications that attest to the eco-responsible commitment  of our raw materials. 


The variation of Cosmos is:  Cosmetic Organic Standard. This is the first joint certification in Europe for organic body care. This European standard entered into force on January 1, 2017. It was founded by Cosmebio® and Ecocert (France), BDIH (Germany), ICEA (Italy) and Soil Association (United Kingdom). It harmonizes their respective requirements. The minimum threshold for the content of cosmetics in organic ingredients is set at 20%. Only biodegradable ingredients are allowed. Among the rules of Cosmos certification: the exclusion of synthetic perfumes and dyes, synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, GMOs and ionizing treatments. As well as the ban on animal testing. As soon as possible, packaging and overpacks must be biodegradable or recyclable. All packaging of Cosmos certified products must indicate the content of natural and organic ingredients. The Cosmos mention must accompany the logos of national certifications and labels.

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